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The Rosedale on Bloor, located at 395 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, is a 52-storey condominium building that promises to be a beautiful addition to the downtown Toronto area. However, as the building is still under construction, some prospective tenants may question whether it is worth residing in the building before completion.

Recently, I had the opportunity to show two clients a unit at 395 Bloor Street East, which, on paper, appeared to be an excellent option. The unit, priced at $3,200 per month, was a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit that had never been lived in, with appliances that had never been used and still had the owner’s manual inside. The unit was over good sized, and featured engineered hardwood flooring, exposed concrete walls and ceilings, and had a well-designed floorplan with a split bedroom layout. Additionally, the building’s location is in a prime spot, being situated next door to TTC subway station and a short distance from Yonge Street, providing easy access to public transportation and a central location in the heart of downtown Toronto.

However, upon entering the building, it became apparent that the construction was far from complete. The lobby was unfinished, with exposed drywall, wires sticking out of the walls, and a security guard who asked visitors to sign in on a pad of graph paper. The elevator was also in a state of disrepair, with planks of rough wood lining the floor and soot and drywall dust on the walls. As we made our way to the 19th floor, it became apparent that the building as a whole was still under construction, with unfinished hallways, missing light fixtures, and debris and dust throughout.

The unit itself, while well-designed and finished, was in stark contrast to the rest of the building. This raises the question of whether it is worth residing in an unfinished building, where there is a potential for unforeseen issues and delays in completion. It is a risk versus reward scenario, and in my opinion, the potential headaches outweigh the potential benefits. Furthermore, it is worth noting that many condominiums in Toronto are not completed on time, adding to the uncertainty of when the building will be fully finished.

In conclusion, while Rosedale on Bloor may offer a great deal for a 2-bedroom unit in a prime location, the building is still under construction, and it is not worth living in an unfinished building that may have potential problems and delays in completion.

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